Hall of Slavic Religions

Goddess Lada
Lada is the goddess of love and beauty in Slavic mythology. By the name of Lada, the ancient Slavs called not only the original goddess of love, but also the whole system of life – lada, where everything should have been fine, that is, good. All people should be able to get along with each other.
Rod is a Slavic god, the creator of the world and the father of the first generation of light gods (gods-fathers), the Cause of all Causes, the founder and essence of the universe. It is a living thought, creating and creating, infinite in space and time. The Slavs believed that originally the Genus was inside the World Egg, a kind of space-time unit lying outside of existence. Although, strictly speaking, there was no existence before the Genus. And there was no nothingness either. All things, light and darkness, were created by the Genus. "Gave birth", as our ancestors used to say, hence the name of this great god.

Hall of Slavic Religions (Pagan Hall).
Here it is called the Pagan Hall, we will call it the hall of Slavic religions, so as not to build a wall of hostility. The words Paganism, Polytheism, unfortunately, have become common names, as well as some related symbols. But if we are talking about tolerance, then we must accept any form of religion, correct in our opinion or erroneous, since all this is our history.
Paganism is not polytheism, it is the religion of one people, a tribe united by language.. Hinduism.. Jews are not a nationality, they made the transition, they are former Egyptians.. but their naionality is not determined, everyone can make a choice. Before Vladimir, Russia was pagan.
Everyone lived in expectation of the truth, Abraham made the transition following the voice of God, left his house, Go to the place that I will show you. He received a task from God to sacrifice the eldest son of Isaac, but God did not accept this sacrifice, seeing Abraham's submission.
Paganism and the Russian language are words of the same root, and it is easy for us to understand the meaning of all the words of this religion: god Rod, goddess Lada, books of Vesta (news), Vedas (to know), Rule (correct), Reality as the manifested world, Nav (slander) as the information world is immaterial, The truth is Crooked (not true).
Svarog is called the life-giving and light-giving god, who filled the universe with fiery power, awakened it to movement and life, the son of the god of the Genus. With all probability, it can be argued that the creator god Brahma, revered in Hinduism, is an analogue of Svarog. The four faces of the god Svarog, as well as Brahma, survey all four sides of the universe, so that nothing is hidden from his sight in the created world.
The majestic creator god Svarog divided Reality and Reality, he forged the firmament of the earth and heaven in the Forge of the Highest. With a Hammer blow on the Alatyr stone, Svarog created the light gods. The radiant fire of heaven was generated by the God of the sun, the all-powerful Perun, the Fire God Semargl the flameless, the swift god of the winds Stribog.
God creates a Kind in the face of his son Svarog and daughter Lada. So, the god Svarog is the male face of the progenitor of the universe of the Highest Kind. The God of the Genus gave birth to Svarog and Lada, who gave birth to the son of a radiant, sunny Dazhbog. Dazhbog is the giver of light, good, life (the root of the word "dazh" (or "give") is the giver). We are the grandchildren of even-living and great-grandchildren of Svarozhi.
The great god Svarog has granted his children the Right to Rule, according to which we lead our life Path from birth to death in each incarnation in the world of Reality. "Rule" contains the root of all words of the Russian language, unambiguously pointing to correctness, fidelity, the only right way, because it has been commanded by the gods since the beginning of time, such as: Truth, right, rule, rule, right, justice, righteousness.
Listening to the voice of Conscience in our hearts, we follow the Right Path, commanded to us by the Gods and our wise ancestors. Conscience means "joint message", it has been living in our hearts since the beginning of the universe, it gives us the ability to distinguish the truth from the truth, to make a choice in accordance with the higher law of Truth.
As soon as we turn off the right Path, striving to live for ourselves, selfishly satisfying the needs of the person with whom we identify in this particular incarnation, and not according to the laws of Conscience, this leads to the emergence of sin, and its meaning is the essence of "blemish", "error", which leads us away from the right path of Truth, commanded by the wise gods.
the symbol of the god Svarog is the rune Kolovrat, a cross, spread out in 12 directions with rays, framed by a kolo-circle, rotating in a circle, that is, clockwise. The amulet is the star Alatyr in the form of an eight-pointed star.
All our wise gods are the faces of a different Kind of god, and whatever god we glorify, we always honor in the face of his original creator. Svarog was revealed by the will of the Family, Perun — by his strength, Veles — by wisdom, Dazhbog — by light, Lada — by love ... A diverse Family manifests its essence in each of its creations.
Truly, every person is the smith of his own happiness.
In the interior there are images of pagan Gods: Veles (far right corner) - the god of abundance, magic, medicine, the God Perun (far left corner)- god of thunder and fire, patron of warriors.
On the window of this hall there is a stained glass window based on the Svarozhy Circle (the mystical calendar of the pagans) and the Tree of Life or the ancestral tree, at its base the seed (the divine principle) from which Everything grows. On the tree there are 16 palaces - houses of the Svarozhy circle, their images (in large circles) correspond to the totemic animals of a particular palace. Symbols of pagan Gods patronizing these houses are depicted in small circles.
The one god Rod created the world as we know it. He created the sky, the earth, the mountains and the rivers. Populated it all with animals, fish and insects. Rod divided the world into three parts: Rule (the world in which his children, the gods lived), Reality (the terrestrial world, which was inhabited by animals, and then people) and Nav (the world of the dead, in which, according to some versions of the interpretation of ancient legends, there was a Baking kingdom, a stronghold of darkness). The genus planted a World Tree (Oak) that covered the upper world with its crown, penetrated the earthly world with its trunk, and went deep into the underground world with its roots. He separated the Truth from the Truth. From the breath of the Genus, the goddess of love Lada appeared, who in her earthly incarnation (the Swa bird) flew around the world and conveyed the will of the Genus to all living beings. During the creation of the world, the pro-goddesses Dolya and Nedolya also appeared, who later, together with Makoshya (Moksha), would weave the threads of divine and human destinies (according to another version, Dolya and Nedolya were born gods much later).
On the window of this hall there is a stained glass window based on the Svarozhy Circle (the mystical calendar of the pagans) and the Tree of Life or the ancestral tree, at its base the seed (the divine principle) from which Everything grows. On the tree there are 16 palaces - houses of the Svarozhy circle, their images (in large circles) correspond to the totemic animals of a particular palace. Symbols of pagan Gods patronizing these houses are depicted in small circles.
The next small hall is planned to be illuminated by secret societies, on the ceiling there is a chandelier in the form of a Templar cross and a crown of thorns.
Documentaries about Ilgiz Khanov and the Temple (his work on the restoration of the Temple, the painting of icons and the installation of iconostases) are also broadcast here,

Notes in the margins

Vedism is the faith of our ancestors, based on the understanding of the universe, the world order of the universe, unity and harmony with nature. Vedism is 20 thousand years old, Christianity is only 2000 years old, Islam is 1500. The main bearer of ancestral knowledge were not books, but Magi and Witches

Before the adoption of Christianity for millennia, all people worshipped the Sun! The entire population of the planet had a single faith - Vedism, based on an understanding of the laws of the universe, the world order, nature.

In Russia, our ancestors celebrated bright Slavic holidays. After participating in them, people were filled with the bright energy of joy (Kolyada, Malanka, Maslenitsa, Kupala, etc.).

The best protection of a child is his parents. This is how nature works. Conflicts, misunderstandings, troubles between father and mother are reflected in the child.

In Russia there was - our Slavic letter. "I Know The Az Of God."

Sergius of Radonezh managed to change the Christian religion, thereby uniting Christians and Vedic Rus. Ivan the Terrible tried to revive the Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh

Secrets of Slavic Religions:
Tengrianism– the religion of the Turks, is being revived now in Tatarstan, in Altai, probably a vivid example of Paganism – when the forces of Nature are revered.
The book on which Tengri relies is the Psalter.
The pagan religions included the Slavic religion and its God Rod – the creator of worlds, the Goddess Lada – love and beauty, Svarog – the son and the masculine origin of the Genus, Veles – the wisdom of the Genus, Perun – the power of the Genus, the sun–loving son of Svarog - Dazhbog, Pravya – the world of Gods, Navya – the world of the dead, Reality – the revealed world of people, with the "Book of Veles" describing all the processes of the universe.
The Clan (Tangri Khan) slept for a long time in an egg in an ocean of waters, woke up, broke the shell, made the vault of heaven and the earth out of two halves, settled the Gods and life appeared on Earth.
Which is primary, egg or chicken?
Many pagan legends are embedded in Pushkin's fairy tales, the Finnish epic "Kalevalu" with a duck, egg, forge, with waters. In this there is a similarity with Hinduism and its "Vedas", "Bhagavatgita" and other "fairy tales" too.
Another religion related to paganism is Zoroastrianism, with its struggle of Good against Evil, Fire worship, widespread not only in Iran, but also in Chuvashia, its origins are now being revived. Worship of Light, fire, Sun, celebration of the Solstice.
All these religions are very "inherited" in our current view of religions.
We see that the signs, customs, and rituals of our ancestors are alive among the people, gently mixed with Orthodox holidays.
Were our ancestors so wrong?
Idol worship? But how to explain the worship of the stone Kaaba among Muslims and the recitation of prayers, sitting in its direction, wherever Muslims are, is very similar to the conversion of the Zoroastrians in the direction of fire? Jews turn to Inrusalim in prayer, weep at the wailing wall, leaving notes with requests there, which resembles ribbons on trees with an appeal to higher powers. Christians light candles at prayer, like the Zoroastrians. At Easter, they put eggs on the table, why? Old Believers wear sundresses and belted shirts - symbols of Slavic clothing.
Until the thunder breaks, the man will not cross himself)) as a reminder of the time for prayer, unlike Muslims, who were instructed by the Zoroastrians to pray 5 times a day. In Orthodoxy, there are morning prayers and there are evening prayers as a reminder of prayer.
Mandatory wearing of white clothes.
The usual round dance is walking around the Kaaba, the procession around the church, the Jewish performance of "There is no one in the world but God alone." And see the word Chorus, is it not connected with the Egyptian God Horus (Horus)?
And our Cyrillic alphabet is a storehouse of knowledge about God, the study of which we postponed for later? AZ GODS KNOW THE VERB GOOD IS THE LIFE OF THE EARTH AND HOW PEOPLE THINK OUR PEACE IS ... (how do you people think this is your world – an example of the language from which the word paganism originates… For the Zoroastrians, it was important not only to do good, but also to say good and even think good.
Were our ancestors wrong? Physicists have answered this question today by proving that all matter has consciousness, and the presence of an Observer changes this reality (this is about the Experience with 2 and 3 slits).
And symbols are also very important.
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