Shintoism is the original religion of Japan, from the point of view of the scientific definition of the term. However, Shinto (as the Japanese usually say) is more a way of thinking than a religious view. In Shinto, there are no sacred texts, clearly prescribed prayers, fasts and restrictions on any food. Shinto is the Way of the Gods.
Shinto assumes that everything that surrounds a person has a spiritual essence of "Kami". Kami can inhabit both animate and inanimate objects, they can also control natural phenomena or personify its individual elements. Kami can be patrons and protectors of the clan.
In contrast to the Kami (who are not the embodiment of either good or evil, since they represent everything that exists), there are also "They" — demons who can turn into people. Initially they were invisible, however, under the influence of Buddhism, they are often depicted as ogre-like red-skinned creatures with huge fangs. It is believed that evil people can turn into They.

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