Tolerance lessons from Ildar Khanov

Here is a Chinese dome, an Indian one; here is a Christian cross, next to it is the sign of Roerich, the Muslim crescent, the star of David…
Intricate weathervanes, sculptures in the house, frescoes, mosaics, colored stained glass windows in Indian, Chinese and Japanese style — all made by the hands of Ildar Khanov.
— I am a Muslim by birth, — says Ildar Khanov.
— But since I studied Christianity, it also became very close to me.
I'm probably a "man of the world": I find something close in all religions and I don't see any contradictions between them.
I want to create the first center of uniting people around a single Lord…
Yes, our task today is to unite humanity, put it on the path of solidarity;
destroy the evil in man and save yourself for the future.
And which ways to choose for this is a personal matter for everyone…
I would like to create a classical philosophical school, gather philosophers, put them in my house for a month, and let them create a concept of preserving peace here.
In Tatarstan, in Russia, in the world; let them think how we can survive economically, politically, how to preserve cultures, languages…

The basis of my concept is the desire to spread the ideas of goodness around the globe, to reunite religions; to extinguish wars so that people have the opportunity to develop harmoniously.
If a person is brought up from childhood, believing in the Lord, in the light forces, then he will become a creator.
My task is to create pockets of goodness on the planet…
Everything will be left to people. Even if the Temple is razed to the ground, one day it will be reborn even more beautifully.

Ildar has always stressed that true Islam is a religion of goodness and peace between people. He often repeated the famous hadith from the Koran:
"Do you love your Creator — the Supreme Creator? If so, then love, first of all, people — your fellow human beings." Moreover, he was well aware that there will always be a person who will try to misinterpret these words and exclude someone from among the "people - his fellow men".
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