A lesson in tolerance from Ilgiz Khanov

Ilgiz says:
"I am the son of the Tatar people. I love Tatarstan, I love Kazan - this is my hometown. I love Russia - this is my homeland. Everything is connected. If I didn't love my homeland, I probably wouldn't have painted icons."
The well-known, widespread, and not always exactly corresponding to the subject, the phrase "man of the world" without any reservations, applies to both brothers, to their truly tolerant perception of an arbitrarily complex and contradictory reality, outside artificially created borders, outside the global intolerance and petty bias towards one's neighbor, thinking or acting differently, looking or dressed differently.
Replenishing the baggage of their own knowledge, evolving spiritually and creatively, from an early age, they absorbed the spirit of national and religious reconciliation of peoples coming from the deep historical past, who once fought, but found the way to peace relying on great and meek ascetics, on centuries of accumulated experience of generous rejection of vindictiveness and vindictiveness.

"People should never be separated, because a person is whole, every person is God."

Maria Valyaeva

(from the book "The Architect. Artist. Icon Painter")

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