Catholic hall

Concert hall (Catholic, Gothic).
The concert hall, which is also called Catholic or Gothic, hosts creative meetings, concerts, and various exhibitions.There is also a zone for watching films about Ildar Khanov.
As in any church, there are: a place for a preacher (stage), places for parishioners (chairs for spectators), a balcony for an organ, columns and a domed two-tiered ceiling.
On the upper tier of the ceiling there is a Turkic ornament, on the lower, in stained glass medallions there are images of Christian saints: the Mother of God or Mother Mary (especially revered in Catholicism), Jesus Christ, the Apostle Peter, the Apostle Paul, John the Theologian, etc. The windows of this hall are also decorated with stained glass windows by Catholic saints – Francis of Assyria, Thomas Aquinas, Joan of Arc, Sveta Dominik.
What is the difference between Catholics and Orthodox?

The split occurred in 1054 at the 7th Synod.
Catholics believe that the Pope is sinless, our clergy consider themselves the most sinners, because they cannot convey to their flock the words from the Lord, since they sin.

Catholics believe that even after death, people can be cleansed by entering purgatory. The Orthodox have a choice only between hell and heaven immediately after death.
Catholics are baptized from left to right, the last point of the orthodox points to the heart.
Catholics are baptized with two fingers or all of them, and it doesn't matter, Orthodox Christians have only three fingers correctly.
The Orthodox should wear a beard, Catholics on the contrary.
Catholic priests don't get married. Divorce is prohibited for Catholics.
Catholics have a simple cross, Orthodox have a crucifixion of Christ and circles.

what is the difference between Catholics and Protestants?
Lutherans do not believe in transubstantiation, in the Eucharist, do not believe in Mary and other saints and their intercessions, and do not believe in the temporal possibilities of the Pope as the highest authority of the church.
• Lutherans have only 2 sacraments, namely baptism and Holy Communion, while Catholics have 7 sacraments,
Lutherans today are the majority of the indigenous believers of Scandinavia, Finland, Iceland, northern Germany, Estonia and Latvia, partly France and the Netherlands.
Lutherans deny veneration of relics and icons, as well as prayers to saints. Lutheran priests are simply, if I may say so, professionals in their field. That is, they are not elevated above the laity in any way.
Lutherans do not believe that human life is predetermined by God in advance. Simply put, the Lord sees everything, but does not know everything in advance. Therefore, every Lutheran is responsible for his own fate,
One of the features of Lutheranism is Lutheran churches.Unlike other Protestant churches, these temples are quite richly decorated, built in Gothic or Modernist style. With stained glass windows and paintings inside.
But in general, there is no single Lutheran church in the world.
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