The Cornerstone of Faith

The first stone, which is placed at the base of the structure, is called the cornerstone, the construction of any building begins with it, and this stone must be strong enough. According to Jewish legends, there was a rock in the Holy of Holies of the Temple of Solomon, which is considered the Cornerstone of the universe.
"on this stone I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not overcome it"
And this Stone Faith is the first virtue that Christians consider one of the most important, All other Christian achievements, recognized as benefits, are based on faith.
This metaphor from the Gospel of Matthew inspired Ilgiz Khanov to create this unusual hall.
A unique hall with the effect of divine enveloping with holy images.
There are three entrances to the hall. For the cautious, distrustful, there is a gap through which you can just look inside, take a closer look and think. You can enter the second one, but only by bending down – a low door with the inscription "We worship your God" invites you to go inside.
And inside, all the walls are covered with icons, and the floor and ceiling are gold mirrored. Thus, a person entering the hall is surrounded on all sides by holy faces, which are reflected everywhere, and everything is flooded with golden color – the color of divine revelation. This gives an amazing effect of the warm glow of the entire space of the room.
I want to go out through the third door, it is high, there is a majestic image of the Archangel Michael on it. And the meaning of these three doors becomes clear.
So, after all, a believer, at first carefully looks, listens, observes from the side, then submerges humbly, and when the awakening of true knowledge occurs, armed with faith, boldly steps into life in full growth, and it seems that all the forces of the universe are helping him now..
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