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The task that we all face today is

strengthening of traditional Russian spiritual and moral values.

"The Russian world should be!"

We will win together!

Каazan is an amazing city where the crescent moons of mosques flaunt against the background of blue domes of churches, where Muslims go to Friday prayer on the same road, and Orthodox go to their service, and in this stream there are Jews who turn into the synagogue a little earlier, and Catholics whose blue temple is visible in the distance... And it is not by chance that a Temple of all religions appeared in this city, the birthday of the founder of which Ildar Khanov, we celebrate on the eve of National Unity Day.

We are strong as a family, our small or large homeland, community of interests, memory of ancestors, each religion creates its own circle of like-minded people, its spiritual family.

Respecting our ancestors, their faith, and their ideals makes us stronger.

Not so long ago, in 2019, the leaders of world religions started talking about the need for dialogue, in Abu Dhabi, the Pope and the chief imam signed an appeal to people, called it a Document on Human brotherhood.

What right words did they find when addressing the leaders of states, the rulers of human destinies! ..

"A world built only on the principles of enriching some peoples at the expense of others, only on extracting profit from any relationship, is going downhill, and it is in danger of collapse, and it will be destroyed."

The events of today have fully confirmed the fears of spiritual leaders.

The world is divided into those who have heard and those who do not want to listen.

In our country, the call was heard, already in 2020, an amendment appeared in our Constitution, consolidating the commitment to the heritage of our ancestors, their ideals and faith in God.

Whether you believe in God or not is your own business, but we have an ancestral legacy that we should not forget and erase, and we have a responsibility to preserve it for our descendants.

The call of the spiritual leaders was heard by many countries, and new relations based on the multipolarity of the world, on respect and good neighborliness of people from different countries began to be built.

Yes, our country turned out to be the engine of this process, and we had to get into a fight, we were dragged into a fratricidal war. A military training ground was set up on the land of our kindred people, military equipment and highly paid thugs from all over the world were pulled there, forcing civilians to submit to their will of the strong, they paid a lot of money so that those in power would close their eyes and contribute to the policy of the enemies. They declared war on our values, our world, the "Russian World".

And on the battlefields, people of different faiths stood shoulder to shoulder to defend their multinational homeland, their moral values.

"Allahu Akbar" - Muslims say, "Truly Akbar" - the Orthodox continue, and everything is clear to everyone, and there are no disagreements.

God is one, no matter what we call him: in Arabic he is Allah, among the Jews Yahweh, in India Brahma.. for someone he is the Sky, for others the Sun, for someone He is outside, and for someone inside. Is it worth arguing about what He is and quarreling over it?

"Let's live together!" - the cartoon character Leopold the Cat told us.

Let's think about what each of us can do to make the world around us a better place.

We will entrust the work at the front to our valiant military, and at this time we will restore order in our minds and inside the country.

"Who comes to believe in God in old age saves his soul, and who in his youth saves his life."

Let's tell our children about the faith in the God of our ancestors. No matter what religion they choose, any religion cares about preserving spiritual and moral values, about unfolding human consciousness towards respect for each other.

Let's make these lessons interesting and informative.

Traditional spiritual and moral values of Russia

Virtual tour of the Temple of All Religions

Круглый стол

Tolerance Lessons

Урок миролюбия
В.В.Путин о религиях. 27.10.2022г
"У нас в России за тысячу лет сложилась уникальная культура взаимодействия между всеми мировыми религиями. Не надо ничего отменять: ни христианские ценности, ни исламские, ни иудейские ценности, другие мировые религии у нас присутствуют. Надо просто с уважением относиться друг к другу. У нас в целом ряде регионов страны, я просто знаю это не понаслышке, люди ходят отмечать и христианские праздники, и исламские, и буддистские, иудейские, и делают это с удовольствием, поздравляют друг друга и радуются друг за друга."
Урок миролюбия
В.В.Путин о религиях.

9 ноября 2022 года Владимир Путин подписал указ «О сохранении и укреплении традиционных духовно-нравственных ценностей». О защите традиционных ценностей в последнее время говорилось много, однако что же собой представляют эти ценности, понятно было далеко не всем. Появившийся документ наконец-то внес ясность в этот вопрос.

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